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Blessed. The word means more than "happy,"because happiness is an emotion often dependent on outward circumstances . . . the ultimate well-being and distinctive spiritual joy*

Blessings to my Grandchildren

We've seen a five year old grandchild be more interested in hearing the blessing in her/his card than in opening the present. Words of blessing make a powerful impact on young children.

Dear Tarina happy 13th Birthday,

For many years the picture on the front of this card was our view of a granddaughter. But that's all changed now. Our precious little granddaughter has become a gracious teen who is adorable for what she has become.

She is a young lady who is diligent in her service to and worship of the Lord. I loved watching you put the keyboard on the floor to lead the little children in worship. Another way you are adorable as a teen is in your ability to look at a decision from the viewpoint of others around you and react in a fair manner.

Last, you are adorable because of the virtuous life you have chosen to live. Your moral excellence and integrity are like twin orchids that never wither. Their delicate beauty deepens with each passing year.

Tarina, we bless you as a teen who will continue to make good choices that will give radiance to your countenance, glory to your Saviour and honour to your parents. We are fortunate grandparents to have the gifts of our first teen granddaughter like you.

Dear Taisha happy 2nd Birthday

Birthdays are special days for special little girls who bring a lot of joy to Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters and Grandmas and Grandpas. When you were born there were many happy people and that's what we are celebrating today. God made you like Himself and that makes you special. We love you and look forward to another visit at your house.

(Note: Don't underestimate what a two year old can comprehend)

Dear Brahm happy 5th Birthday.

Happy birthday to a 5 year old we love. Your body is bigger and stronger and your heart is more loving and kind. We notice that you love being helpful and you see when your mother needs a helping hand.

When we come to your home you welcome us in a kind, happy way. We love to watch you working. You know how to do many jobs. Keep singing those worship songs to Jesus. He loves the way you worship Him. Jesus also loves the way you are learning to tell the truth.

Dear Jacey, Happy 7th Birthday.

You have finished 7 years filled with good growing experiences, some happy and some sad. This year you learned more about trusting Jesus as you waited for the Doctor to tell you about your hip. The strong way you trusted Jesus made us very happy. In Proverbs 4:18,19 we read about 2 ways people chose to walk. One is the way of light and the other is the way of darkness. You chose to walk in the way of light.

Thank you for the good time we had camping together. What fun building sand castles and covering each other with sand. We loved watching you play soccer. We cheered, "Go Jacey," when you fought for the ball with great determination and enthusiasm. Do every good thing with determination and enthusiasm and life will be special.

We were impressed by your enthusiasm to learn at school and to sing in the concert. If you look at the elephant on the front of this card you will see that he is moving with great enthusiasm. We love you, you're a wonderful grandson.

Dear Jenise,

Happy 7th birthday to a sweet young lady who reminds us of an angel. That's because you move about quietly without making a big fuss. It's a joy to have you in our home and we look forward to the day you will come and stay over night all by yourself.

We love you and pray that God will bless you with His peace and keep you safe for another year. Now that you are 7 and doing some thinking about God, I would like you to think about the good things mentioned in Philippians 4:8.

Dear Telene,

Happy birthday number 4. We wish we could spend the day with you, eat some of your cake and one of the cookies your mother lets you bake. We will miss seeing your sweet smile when you open your presents and blow out your candles.

Everyone loves fluffy white kittens like the ones on this card because they are so soft, gentle and keep their fur so clean. It's so nice when you sit on our laps and let us read stories to you. I will see you in a few weeks. Maybe you will save a piece of cake for me.

Dear Cory,

Happy 2nd Birthday to a loveable little boy with the light of Heaven in his eyes and a hunger in his mind to see everything God created. May God give you a heart that seeks to know Him as much as it wants to discover His creation.

Dear Lorissa,

Happy 9th Birthday. God has been very good to Grandma and me. He gave us a granddaughter like you and we love you dearly. You are growing up so fast that we can't keep up with all the wonderful changes that are happening in your life. One day you were a little baby, then a little girl and now a young lady.

You impressed us by your ability to stick to your goal of reading your Bible. We love that kind of wonderful determination. So does God. You chose to do something that was good for your spirit, something that will help you to say no to temptation. I was an older teen before I read the Bible from cover to cover.

Thank you for playing the piano at my birthday party. I was so proud of you sitting there playing without any music in front of you. Someday you may play in a worship team and with your beautiful music cause the people's hearts to be lifted heavenward to praise God. We are looking forward to the time when you can stay overnight with us.

Dear Janessa,

A big happy birthday to a wonderful girl on he 4th birthday. You are as happy, sweet, cuddly and full of life as the little puppies on this card. Look at the colourful flowers. Notice how pretty the picture looks with those flowers. Janessa, you are one of God's pretty flowers. You add colour, beauty and interest to your family and your Sunday school class. Thank you for loving us and for the happy times we have when you stay overnight with us.

Dear Jacey,

You have reached the wonderful age of 6 and you are growing wiser about the world and about God. We are excited about the way you love to go to school and learn. I know that God is happy to see the way you love to learn about the animals and plants He made.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived told his son to, "Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise." (Proverbs. 19:20) Underline that verse in your Bible. We are happy in our hearts because of the way you are learning from your father, mother, pastor and teachers. You are a wonderful, loving, wise young man.

Happy 6th Birthday Jenise;

Grandma sent your card before I had a chance to write in it. We are happy that you have been our granddaughter for six years. Every time you came down from Gold River we looked forward to your visit. It was especially nice when you would stay overnight with us all by yourself. You talked to us and told us so many interesting things.

You have always been kind to us. Your kindness is like sweet perfume coming from beautiful flowers. Kind people are very special people and you are very special to us. It is so nice that you don't always insist on having your own way.

We also like your gently spirit. When I see a big flake of snow falling out of the sky and floating toward the ground and it settles gently on the other snow. The way it lands is like the way you treat us when you visit us.

Dear Tarina, Happy 11th Birthday.

Happiness is having a wonderful granddaughter like you. Happiness is remembering that wonderful day when you arrived. I didn't think that the little baby I was holding would have a compassionate heart that would comfort others when they hurt. I didn't imagine that little baby girl would become a sweet young lady who is fair to others, a young lady who looks at her decisions from the viewpoint of others.

That little baby I saw then has become a very dependable person who does what she says she will do. That little bundle of joy has developed the gift of peacemaking, a girl who delights in fostering harmony among others.

Our prayer for you this year is that God would give you a bold spirit which is the confidence that what you do or say will result in lasting blessing to others. We pray that you will experience the wonderful truth of Psalm 84:11b. Tarina, we love and appreciate you. 

*New International Version Study Bible notes: (Matthew 5:)
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